DVD Review: The Search for Santa Paws

About 10 minutes into this movie I was writing the review in my head and telling you all how cheesy it was.
At 10 minutes till the end credits rolled I was sitting on the couch glued to the TV with tears in my eyes and dinner was burning.

Yes this is a cheesy movie – there is no doubt about that. Name a Christmas movie cliche and it’s included.
Set in New York, at Christmas, with snow and singing orphan girls, an old fashioned Toy store bequeathed to a childless couple from LA and a santa with a touch of amnesia, some elves, magical crystal amulets and then add talking dogs and you have Santa Paws.

But you might like it – and your kids will definitely love it.

Full of Christmas cheer and happy endings, this prequel to Santa Buddies is a childish christmassy cheesy delight.

My son watched it last night and again this morning and is watching it for the third time right now. He likes the presents and the dogs and watches very intently and in silent awe when the little orphan girls sing. There are parts that don’t hold his attention but he is only 2.5.

Overall a beautiful movie to watch in the lead up to Christmas. The kind of movie that makes you want to decorate your Christmas tree early and buy more fairy lights.

Available November 10th from all good stores.


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