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Photos Are Memories That You Can Touch.

Photo by Ryan Sahb
Do you remember back in the days before digital photography? Do you remember taking your film into the photo lab or chemist to get processed? 
It would cost at least $20 for a 24 exposure film in a one hour photo lab. Some places had specials on for $9.95, but you would have to wait 24 hours.
But we thought that was a bargain. 
We looked forward to getting our photos back because we hadn’t seen them yet. When taking a photo, we pointed, shot, sent the film away and hoped for the best. It was always such a disappointment if some of the pics came back too dark or blurry or with someone’s head chopped off… nothing you could do about it though.
Then, digital cameras were born. You could see the photo you had just taken, instantly, without printing it. You could see if you needed to take another one or not. Or you could take 20 pics of the same thing without worrying about wasting film. It was the Best. Thing. Ever!
But we forgot to print them. Photos sat forgotten on cameras or in files on computers while photo frames and walls stayed bare. Printing your own photos on your cheap printer just didn’t do them justice – even if you did buy the nice photo paper. You would inevitably print on the wrong side or manage to stuff it up somehow anyway.
Then came the digital photo processing machines. At Kmarts, BIG Ws and camera stores everywhere, you can take your USB stick, SD card or CD and print your own photos. You can even make photo gifts and canvas art and it’s ready in an hour!!!
And it’s cheap!!! the average price is 15c per print, which makes 24 prints only $3.60.
$3.60 for photos you have chosen to print, so no blurry or dark or decapitated ones.
That’s value! How many things in life go down in price over the years?
And at kmart, if you stay up way past my bedtime and go in after midnight, you can get your prints for 10c each – which is worth it if you are printing out a heap of shots. Like the 7 billion photos you took of your first born in the first month of his life.
Or you can register online with most places and upload and order from the comfort of your own home. Get your prints delivered for a small fee or arrange to pick them up next time you’re out shopping. This takes a bit longer than the one hour service of course, but it sure is convenient.
I love photos, they are little glossy memories. I love filling photo frames and covering my walls with these little mementos of life. Photos are even more valuable when you have kids. Their childhood flies by so quickly, it’s nice to capture some of it forever. And photos make great gifts, especially for family far away.  
There is no denying the awesome value of printing your digital photos. 
Do you remember the days of film canisters?
Or am I showing my age?
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Dear Millar. 32 Months


You are 32 months old today. That’s nearly THREE!!
This month, you became a big brother. That’s pretty huge.
You are learning one of life’s very important lessons; that it isn’t all about you. And you are handling it better than I thought you would.

I am so proud of your ability to share with her already. You are happy to share your toys and this morning you ripped up a piece of paper you had drawn on and lovingly wrapped it in an envelope and presented it to her like a gift. You are so cute.

You love playing the drums and guitar with Dad. You have really good rhythm, and I am enjoying listening to your hard rock versions of Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald.

I love you.

52 Week Project: Week Sixteen and Seventeen

I was a bit busy to blog last Sunday, but there were photos taken, so I will do weeks 16 and 17 together.

Me, about an hour after Xanthe’s birth
Me, today, just now.
Millar, visiting Xanthe last week, more interested in his new toys.

Millar, this morning, eating his breakfast.

Xanthe, Last week, one day old. 
Xanthe, today, 8 days old.


Santa Paws DVD Winner

The almighty random number generator has generated it’s random number and it is number 2

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