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Thousand Word Thursday*

This is one from my recent archives. My wedding day. June 2010. Me and my mum. 
What I love about this photo is the “looking into the mirror” aspect of it. We have matching wrinkles, just different depths. 
I love my mum and think she’s quite beautiful. Which is good since I’m clearly going to look just like that in about 18 years.

*They say a picture speaks a thousand words.
Each Thursday I will share a picture from my archive.
Because I have HEAPS and also because I’m lazy and want to blog with
what I have and not have to find new things to take photos of.
Especially on a Thursday.
I wont use a thousand words – that’s ridiculous. I’d be here till Sunday. The title is more alliteration than an actual description of what is going to happen here. But you get that right?
Yes, of course you do. 
And you can play too. I would love to see your photos. 

Please link to your Thousand Word Thursday post – not just to your blog.  


Reality Blogging

There is a delightful meme happening over at bad mummy.

She has opened up the challenge to show some reality. My reality is this mess of a house.

No one sees my house like this. So I’m about to lie and say that these photos are highly unusual. My house is usually a show home and I’m only playing along with this “reality blogging” for the community aspect of it.

Here are some more lies and excuses:

I am very pregnant and it is dangerous to bend down to pick things up.= I am milking this pregnancy for all it’s worth.
My house was clean until my son woke up, toddlers are tornadoes = bullshit, we keep it like this when he’s asleep too.
As soon as I took these photos I cleaned it up = I actually went and had a nap.

I stood in the middle of the large open plan area and took a photo of each corner.

The tidiest corner, spare sofa, vacuum cleaner, pile of laundry, toys

The dinner table with sewing machine, pile of sewing, handbag and toys

Living room. Lunch dishes and debris on the coffee table, un-vacuumed  floor and toys
And I saved the best for last. The kitchen, featuring last nights dishes, a vase of dead daffodils and just miscellaneous mess. Everywhere. Yes that is toilet paper on the corner of the bench. Why? *shrugs shoulders*


Nutri-Synergy Skincare Giveaway Winner
Thank you all so much for entering this fantastic draw.
I made the draw this morning with my bits of paper and my bowl on top of my head.
And the winner is….. Roxy!
Roxy, I have emailed you to get your details and will pop the package in the post to you 
Roxy gets: Sensitive Skin Cleanser, NS-7 Dry Skin Moisturiser, NS-5 Hand Cream and NS-3 Lip Balm. 

I hope you love it as much as I do!

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